So you know how this site, “Literatastrophe Dot WordPress Dot Com,” has a really crappy name that I came up with when I was sixteen for a Distance Ed literature course?

Well, APRIL FOOLS, there is now a nearly-identical site with a much better name!


That’s right! http://www.skeletonpower.wordpress.com is the new, pronounce-able URL. All the old exoskeleton posts are already up there, and all future ones will be appearing there first.

And yes, APRIL FOOLS!! you just read an ad for the WordPress equivalent of a cover-up-tattoo.

There are some posts I left out of the new website. The high school stuff, the film school posts, the… Art Assignments? I kept the Eurotruck Diaries though because I like them.

Hopefully I’ll do a little bit of upkeep here on literatashtorpfea, at least for a while. Maybe I’ll post the header images of new entries – so it still looks nice – with links to the ‘real’ website instead of a ‘READ MORE’ tag. However, eventually I will get lazy and/or forget, so…

If you’re subscribed, through some form or RSS or here on WordPress, you might want to un-sub from here and re-subscribe over there. If you want. Either way, thanks for being here! It’s been dumb.

See you later, in… THE SKELETON ZONE!


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